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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Rooftop Rant

Rooftop Rant by Hlovate.
Just inspired me.
Make me feel alive back.
Prove myself that I’m still a human being for real.
In term of use my brain in thinking process.

Many things have missing lately.
Especially in my own self.
No need to talk about others.
Sound serious huh?
Hahaha. I still can laugh.
The best thing ever.

Please don’t be judgmental.
Laugh = happy
There is no fullstop there.
Don’t thing life can be that easy.

Sometimes laugh out loud can hide your river-like-tears.
Trust me. It does.
Hahaha. I’m not that pathetic okay.
Just discover the other side of myself.

I feel that I want to be at somewhere.
The place that no one knows me.
So that I can continue back the chapter of my life that have been paused for a long time.
Because have been covered by another episode.
Another opposite episode.
As Hlovate said, ‘if the destination is Antarctica, the journey is about to arrive at Arctic.’

But, it is not escapism.
I’m not going to run from the reality.
Get away from the problem is not the best way to solve it.
Find the root and get rid of it.

Is my decision the best thing for my life?
To my Addin especially.
No one knows.
Only HE knows.

Can I found my own Jade for real?

Am I sound too serious? :)
Things to think :
Sometimes we have to be serious
in term of find the best for our own life.
Not just now, but hereafter.

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