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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

hello sweet ladies and gentle guys ;)

esok 14 Februari kan. ade ape haa ngan 14 Februari?
what? hari kekasih??

as you knows, celebrate V Day is HARAM for Muslims.
sumer pun tau kan. acececeh, dah macam blog dakwah lak blog aku ni. :)

eheh, bende baik kite share la ye. ;p

kenape haram ye?

yang aku biase dengar sebab V Day ni dikaitkan ngan hari kemenangan tentera kafir mengalahkan tentera Islam. and pasal memperingati Sir Valentine or some thing like that.
am i right? so sorry if i'm wrong and please do correct me. ;)

so guys, memang dah terang lagi nyata yang V Day disambut untuk kepentingan agama kristian. get it? tak de pulak dikaitkan langsung dengan Islam.

but, kalau setakat nak bagi hadiah kat my love tak boleh ke? kitorang tak pegi celebrate pun.

ni lagi satu aku nak tanye, nape nak tunggu V Day baru nak bagi hadiah? tak boleh ke bagi hadiah time 5 Februari ke, 28 Januari ke? har har har. nak special lagi, bagi la time birthday die.
plus, coklat, bunga, bear and all that kind of stuff la mahal kot time V Day. harge naik dekat 2 kali gande. sanggup korang beli ye. ape, ape? sebab cinte? *muntah. hahahaha.

for example, dalam setahun ade 365 hari kan. boyfie korang bagi hadiah 364/365 hari. time V Day die tak bagi, die tak sayang ke macam tu? ;p

lagi pun kan korang, bende yang ALLAH tak suruh and RASULULLAH pun tak buat, it's better for us not do to. esok pun hari Isnin kan? puase sunat lagi baik. :)

dan lagi, the day after tomorrow Maulidur Rasul kan. banyak-banyak kan la selawat ke atas Baginda ye. semoge kite semue dapat syafaat. :)

and guys, tak yah nak tunggu V Day la baru nak bagi hadiah, baru nak ucap sayang, baru nak confess your love, baru nak propose. nape tak tiap-tiap hari je kite sayang-sayang? kan lagi sweet camtu. ;D


ohh, again. asal ayat nak jiwang je lately ♥ ;p

Monday, February 7, 2011

couple. is it compulsory?

Assalamualaikum peeps ;)

firstly, i'm so sorry for any GRAMMAR ERRORS ;p and not forgotten for not reply your chats and blogwalking back. sorry guys!

orait, back to the topics. sound serious huh? hahaha
owh, please. i'm not in that kind of mood. :)

i've always been asked, "do you have a boyfriend?" "are you couple?"
and my answer, nope.
and i've been keep questioning, "seriously? you're not look like you don't have one" "why? i'm not believe it." "really? owh, just tell me."
and i've BIG question mark in my head
is it compulsory to have a couple?

for me, it is not.
actually, it depends on our own self. as for me...

woopss, cool guys. i'm not saying that every single couple is "berdosa". dosa pahala are between us and ALLAH :) but, for example, i see it is too common for a couple to hold hands. do you get it? at least, i can avoid myself from not doing that thing because if i've a boyfriend, can i surely enough i'm not doing that thing too?

yeah, wasting time and money. :| i'm a girl but i'm independent. i admit that it is so great to have someone that can care for us. but, i also want space for my own life. i've families and friends. plus, i don't like to report all my daily activities. and, stay up until midnight just because i've to reply the messages. if you love a girl who can be controlled, she's not me. huahuahua
money? is it need further explanation? hahaha. you know what? now i can buy myself handbags, dresses and clothes for my mum without thinking too much. why? well, i just need to topup my handphoneS once a week ;) and i don't need to buy something for a boyfriend. ;p

girls and sulking is normal right? ;P but, guys also do sulking. har har har. especially with his love one. and, please note this. as for the mean time, i don't know how...

do you believe in soulmate? i do. i believe that ALLAH has created every one of us with partner since from Loh Mahfuz. so, if i've a boyfriend right now and at the same time my soulmate come, what will happen? but i'm not saying that we just need to stay at home to wait for our soulmate to come. it is not like that. we need to find him or her. true love come when your heart sincerely to love ;)

frankly speaking, i also want to love and to be loved. but i still wait for myself to be ready; mentally, physically and psychologically. ;D

once you found your love one, don't take too much time without halal relationship ;)
InsyaALLAH, any good intentions will be simplified by HIM.

and, again. this is only my thoughts and my opinion. 

come-here-i-want-to-whisper : i always love to let out my thoughts in english eventhough i know my english is not too good hak hak hak hak ;p

UPDATE : update dalam bahase manglish la ye ;P aku pun penah couple jugak. 2 kali sebelum ni. so, please jangan anggap aku BENCI orang yang couple ye ;D no, no, no! but, as for now, i prefer to be single ;)) well, maybe aku tak jumpe jodoh aku lagi ;)
hauhauhauhauhauhau. ayat nak jiwang je --,
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